Inventors and early stage companies often have significant problems in bringing their product to market. In many cases, a lack of experience in one small area can have a profound effect on the product development and cause the company to fail in bringing the product to market, or even go out of business. CES, Inc provides the consulting support to fill in the gaps and make the client’s project a success. We can provide help from market analysis through shipment of the product.

The CES, Inc majority owners and qualified consultants have had many years experience in industry. We have experienced what it takes to help a client launch a new product or grow a fledgling company into a profitable entity. CES, Inc. can help you put all the pieces of the product development puzzle together. Through precise application of cost effective consulting, we can help you achieve success so your capital investment will be working most effectively for you and your investors.

  Intellectual Property Documentation  
  Software Development  
Product Illustrations & Technical Writing
Product Evaluation & Development
Assembly Language
C, C+, & C++
  Industrial Technology  
Production Ready Product Design
Product Development Program Design
  Quartz Processing  
Product Development Program Management
Quartz Product Manufacturing
Electronic Product Manufacturing
Quartz Processing
Glass to Metal Packaging Development
  Electrical Engineering  
Analog, Digital & RF Design
  Product Fulfillment  
RF Data Link Design
Packaging Design & Shipment Control
Human Interface Design
  Product Marketing  
  Circuit Board Design  
Project Risk Assessment
Packaging Design & Documentation
Product Due Diligence Evaluation
Schematic Generation
Market Adoption Assessment
PC Board Layout
Technical Product Business Plans

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