PLANS, Product Licensing and Negotiation Services, is a division of Consulting Engineering Services, Inc. Our Company specializes in new product development and commercialization. In the new product licensing business segment, we combine exceptional client service interaction with aggressive deal making to achieve the best possible royalty agreement for you and your invention.

What We Do For You:
We bridge the gap between your invention and the manufacturers who sees value in your invention, by performing the product licensing effort in your behalf. The licensing effort is accomplished through competent execution of 5 major steps. These are:

  • Preparation and strategy
  • Realistic technology valuation
  • Presentation of the preliminary agreement to the potential licensee
  • Licensing negotiations
  • Execution of the agreement

PLANS strives to get the manufacturer to accept the following conditions in an agreement having an initial 5-year term. These conditions are, of course, always subject to negotiation and substitution.

  • A guaranteed minimum annual royalty, which is to be paid quarterly
  • A percentage of the manufacturer’s wholesale selling price (royalty)
  • A guaranteed minimum quantity of products manufactured per year
  • A good faith payment at the signing of the agreement
  • Retention of all intellectual property rights on any improvements made to the product by the manufacturer over the term of the agreement.

In the negotiation phase, PLANS will work to get the best deal for you, while making sure the manufacturer has an agreement that drives them to make the most, and highest quality, products possible. We never play games and negotiate in a straightforward manner to achieve the best deal for all. In the end, you are partnering with that manufacturer to generate profits for him and maximize royalties for you.

What You Need To Do To Engage Us:
Once you have received a positive response to the marketing documents you have sent to the manufacturers, you simply contact CES PLANS at at 913-422-0726, and we will discuss the retainer fee with you. After the retainer is paid, you simply give us the manufacturer’s response and we will take it from there. As we proceed through the process to the final negotiations, you will be provided the necessary updates as to our progress so you will know what you can reasonably expect to receive as we work out the deal in your behalf. You will approve all monetary conditions before a final contract is presented and signed by you and the manufacturer. This process will be followed for each positive response that you receive.

We appreciate the opportunity to work with you on your invention and look forward to responding to your manufacturers inquiries in your quest for commercialization of your invention.

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