The company was founded in Arizona on May of 1998 to provide engineering services to the new product development market. These services include patent documentation, product design, product illustrations, and engineering consulting to inventors and early stage development companies who are engaged in bringing various types of new products to market.

CES focus is on harnessing the extraordinary expertise of the consultants available in the southwestern area of the USA and applying these capabilities to expeditiously resolve the client's new product development problems.
Experienced owners and qualified
consultants help you create success

Over time, CES, Inc. has developed an efficient working relationship with several qualified consultants who are fluent in the 'virtual factory' approach to develop products for clients. This engineering service is combined with a cadre of electronic assemblers in the nation that specialize in world class fabrication and fulfillment services.

Use of the 'virtual factory' allows the inventor, or early stage company, to leverage their investment capital to cost effectively achieve the maximum gain in the marketplace.

Maximize the return, while
minimizing the investment.

The virtual factory approach involves funding and managing a proven world class manufacturing company(s) to develop, manufacture, and distribute the product. This allows the client to focus on the basic product engineering, sales, marketing, and financial requirements of the business, which dramatically conserves their capital investment. CES, Inc specializes in providing the required design-to-assembly capabilities to support the client's efforts.

The CES majority owners and qualified consultants have had many years experience in the electrical and electronic industry. They know what it takes to help a client launch a new

CES, Inc. can help you put all the
pieces of the new product development
puzzle efficiently!

product or grow a fledgling company into a profitable entity. CES, Inc. can
help you put all the pieces of the
product development puzzle together
so that your capital investment will be working most effectively for you and your investors.

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